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TodoClj 1.0.0 Is Done

I have finished the first version of TodoClj. Please check it out. Note that I have put almost no error checking into the parser, therefore things will crash if not perfect. Windows users should compile from source (to get version 1.0.1) since the ANSI codes used to colour the output do not render and the new version prevents colour from being rendered when run on Windows. If you have lein installed compiling is as easy as:

lein uberjar


Usage pretty much emulates Todo.txt. The following commands assume you have created a batch/shell script called Todo.

Batch File

@echo off
java -jar TodoClj.jar %*

Add task

$ Todo add "My new task"
TODO: 'My new task' added on line 1

You can also define projects (+) and contexts (@) within a task by prefixing words with the corresponding symbol

List task

$ Todo ls
002:    Another task
001:    My new task

You can also filter by adding the projects and/or contexts you wish to filter the list on

$ Todo ls +myProject @someContext +anotherContext

Complete a task

$ Todo do 1
$ Todo ls
002:    Another task
001:    X   My new task

Add priority

$ Todo pri 2 A
$ Todo ls
002:    (A) Another task
001:    X    My new task

Priorities can range from A-Z

Filter on priority

$ Todo lsp A
002:    (A) Another task

Remove priority

$ Todo depri 2
$ Todo ls
002:    Another task
001:    X   My new task

Remove completed tasks

$ Todo clean
$ Todo ls
001:    Another task